Savage America met up with Brody Clark, a 27-year-old resident of Whalington, Kansas, who says he’s really starting to feel like he’s making a difference in the world. The self-described “human alarm clock” says he’s really starting to gain a sense of pride from “waking up the sheeple.”

He led us through his humble beginnings.

“You know, I used to be just like you, a loser just taking shit from people in the comment sections on Facebook, and I finally had enough. So, I decided, bro, let’s tell these fags how fucking wrong they are,” said Clark while polishing off his room temperature​ Natty Ice. “Sometimes you gotta be a little rough out there, especially on the local news Facebook page, if you treat them like delicate little virgins you’re going to be the one getting gangbanged till your fake eyelashes are coming off and your hopes and ambitions are streaming down your face. Instead, you need to take control, and show them what power fucking is all about, till they’re the ones vomiting on the floor. In my mind, the comment section is like the thunder dome, only the intelligent will survive, anecdotal evidence is my sword, and proof is my shield.”

Expressed his concerns over the current state of civilization.

“In all actuality, people should be a lot more stoked than they are, considering that I’m allowing them to read my most intellectual and intense thoughts on any subject for free.” Brody continued, “And yeah, sometimes people try to give me shit, but if people don’t believe me they can either A) Look it up, or B) just stop because they’re fucking wrong. I’ve done my research, bro, I know what I’m talking about. I wear this odor of mountain dew and purple Kush as a badge of honor to my late-night Reddit research.”

Then, Brody allowed us a chance to learn how we too can awaken ourselves.

“Overall, I feel like I’m really helping the world. When I first got into posting Facebook comments back in January, I was pretty pathetic, I couldn’t even tell you who the secret ruling elite were, or exactly how Monsanto was behind 9/11, but now, I feel like God, just completely all knowing. But don’t let that fool you, the amount of research I do is insane, NaturalNews and Infowars are really the best places to do deep research into some of the most pressing topics that surround our country today. I definitely feel like I deserve some sort of recognition for my services. Ya know, I am helping the world.”

With this newfound knowledge, we here at The Savage hope that we too can awaken from our “shleep” and become part of the special few who see the Matrix for what it really is, a game to be won.

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