This past week, local Soundcloud rapper, Lil Dick Pumpy, has signed a three-album deal with Young Money, marking the beginning of the young rapper’s career. This young man may only be 12 years of age, but don’t let the neon dreads and braces fool you, he’s a modern-day rap prodigy.


Every day, Lil Dick Pumpy (or Dick Pump as his friends call him) consumes 8 bottles of Codeine cough syrup better known as “lean”, 37 Xanax bars, 123 blunts, and one 20mg Cialis to even everything out. Such a routine has lead LDP to reach over 500k followers on his Soundcloud profile, and 2 successful mixtapes in the last six months, along with coining the popular millennial phrase “SKIDIDIT.”


When Savage America asked about his new-found success, the rapper had this to say, “CUHA, It been dope man ahh, keekeekee. I jus’ git in da studio erryday with my people, you know what I’m sayin’? The crew n’ I have really ben tryna turn up to that good life, you know? Last week, we couldn’t get in da club cause the fuckin’ police is racist and made up some dumb fuckin’ law to keep me out cause I’m makin’ money. So we jus’ got sum big booty bitches to turn up wit us outside da club. Makin’ it rain on a fat ass.”


Lil Dick Pumpy also took the time to boast about the power of his squad, “Man, we be out here, turnin’ up, all day and the crew stay skrong. We keep the seizures low. Sometimes when ya boy aint skrong enough, the lean sneak up on him and BOOM! Hits a muh fucka wit a seizure. How you gonna look like a super savage out in these skreets if you can’t even handle ya motha fuck lean.” He continued, “there aint no way better to be caught lackin’ then when you layin’ on the ground spazzin’ out and shit cause you can’t handle ya lean.”


We concluded by asking Dick Pump what we can expect from him in the years to come.


“Big shit mane, I jus’ wanna remine errbody out there to stay lit, and get strapped fo’ mo’ purp, mo’ Xans, and mo’ lean, bitch. Oh, and of course, sum big booty bitches in a muh fucka. SKIDIDIT!”

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