Dear Gender-Neutral Non-Misogynistic Name for a Diary,

Today I saw a cis-heterosexual white male call his wife “baby,” and it triggered me so bad. Doesn’t he know that he’s LITERALLY saying his wife has the intelligence of an infant? It reminds me of all the misogynistic things the patriarchy has called me over my 17 LONG years on this Earth: ma’am, lady, woman, etc. It just reminds me so much of the DRUMPF administration. I call him “Drumpf” because I’m an edgy, yet well informed, millennial who is part of the #Resistance.

I get most of my info from Samantha Bee, Trevor Noah, and Seth Meyers, the only trustable news sources since most everything is so ingrained into rape culture and the PATRIARCHY. If I’m not having my own self-serving opinions and facts presented back to me by the media, it’s obviously Russian influenced news. That’s what makes me enjoy people like Samantha Bee; when I log off Tumblr and tune into Samantha, it’s like I never left Tumblr, which makes me feel great!

I also realized, I’m extremely woke. You name it I’m offended by it. If you don’t believe that there are 652 genders then 👏 you 👏 are👏 the 👏 problem👏 (👏=Being incredibly woke FYI). I’m also entirely fed up with the amount of racism currently plaguing our nation. That’s why I’ve been doing everything I can to combat white supremacy. Not only have I started celebrating Kwanza because of Santa’s confirmed affiliation with the KKK, I have also restricted myself from watching anything other than BBC porn. Black men have been kept out of the porn industry for too long, and I am totally on board for some affirmative action. I know the battle ahead will be rough, but my dedication to the #Resistance is unwavering.

With Consensual love,


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