“We just wanted to something that nobody has ever done before,” Lindsey Johnson told the Savage at the first annual “Fatshion Show” hosted by the Big Fat Bitch Brigade.

The event will feature models that are heavier than fashion show-goers have ever seen. Due to the humongous nature of the models; they will be escorted down the “fat walk” using methods of transportation that they use in their everyday lives.

“Some of the models will walk down the “fat walk” hobbling like they would in their homes. Others will use canes and scooters until we get to the crown jewels of the show. The super morbidly obese models will be brought down on a flatbed truck, a forklift, or dragged on a sled behind an ATV.,“ The five-foot-two, 360lb host had to say.

Those attending the show can get into the theming with a full menu at the concession stand that is outfitted with buckets of chicken tenders and fries, triple fried cheesecake, and fried insulin for the diabetics. Those lucky enough attend the after party will be treated to the same menu, this time with an open chocolate bar, and a lard slip-n-slide to burn off some of those calories.

“We here at the Big Fat Bitch Brigade really just want to put on a show that demonstrates to the public that everyone is beautiful, regardless of your lack of self-control or if you’ve eaten so much that you have rendered your legs useless. The goal is to show the world that you can have your cake and be a Big Fat Bitch, too!”

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