Hello Sex Machines,

My name’s Toby, lead scientist here at Slam Piece Robotics, the sex industry’s leader in sex robotics, mostly because, well, there really isn’t anyone else.

Anyways, I know what you’re probably thinking, why is this man from the future writing me? Well, I will tell you why, and it’s not just to take up room in your spam folder.

The reason I’m contacting you is that we here at Slam Piece Robotics are on the verge of completely revolutionizing the way you have sex, with the Cum Dog One. The sex robot designed to give you the freaky sexual experiences that you’re too creepy or rapey to have in real life.

The Cum Dog One will never say no, takes it in all holes (up to nine inches), and even gags, cries, and vomits on your penis while giving you a world-class robo-blowjob. You’ll never want to be with a real woman again after watching your load slide down her throat tube. Who would want to be with a real woman anyway? I sure don’t. They’re just mean people, that say mean things that make your penis turtle back into your body. But, enough about that.

Now you know that the Cum Dog One is here, ready, and willing to except you authoritative cock. Pick yours up today at the Slam Piece Robotics websites or wherever sex robots are sold! Sleep with her in bed, put her in the closest, tie her up in the backyard and only feed her your cum, I don’t really care! I just need them gone. We really when overboard on the initial stock of these bad boys and now I have 30 sex robots bumping into each other around my apartment. I’m also pretty sure if I keep up the pace I’m having sex with these things my penis is going to just fall right off.

So please, pick one up today! Tell your friends, if you have any. Did I mention she’ll do anything? All holes available. Just $9,999.



Slam Piece Robotics

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