Hey everyone,

If you’re like me and many other Americans you must be wondering to yourself; how do I get my wife’s boyfriend’s approval!? Is there anything I can be doing to make my wife’s boyfriend more comfortable while fucking my wife? Well, don’t fret cause I’m here to walk you through how to properly get cucked.

Ok so, first of all, you’ve got to show him who’s boss! And that is him!  Let him know that your wife is his for the conquering. Your wife’s lover should always be in the driver’s seat, from satisfying your wife to eating your dinner before you get home from work. He should Garner all the respect in the house and take no responsibility for your illegitimate child (that’s actually his). Show him that him satisfying your wife satisfies you.

Additionally, another key tip is to cheer your wife’s lover on as he’s giving it to your wife in ways you nor could your wife ever could imagine of, the lotus, the scissor tabletop, the reverse piledriver 69, and the list goes on! Make sure he continues to stay in the zone. But remember, for the next 45 min you’ll be just a fly on the wall no matter how loud you’re jerking off in the closet.

Finally, you should always obey his commands. Why you ask? You guessed it, like Tony Danza, he’s the boss. Whether it be making him lunch while he’s fucking your wife on the couch or just letting him show your son what a real man/provider looks like. Whats that old famous saying? “The lover of my wife, is my also my husband.” Some have said this resembles Stockholm syndrome, to me, this resembles blissful patriarchy fighting home.

Stay Cucked, my friends.

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