In recent news, in order to address some of the financial issues that have plagued their employees the last few decades, by allowing employees to access the money from their upcoming checks with the “Walmart Employee Payday Loan Program.”

“WEPLP is designed to allow employees to obtain the funds they earn prior to payday. By accessing their funds the employees will be able to have the money placed into their account same day and will pay back their 50% interest on their future checks.” The corporate heavyweight’s CEO Carl McMillon stated in a press release. “Before employees would have to seek assistance from government programs like welfare and food stamps, or seek payday loans from outside companies. Now they can come right to their employer for the advance they need to keep their shitty boats afloat.”

It’s nice to see in today’s world that corporations are still standing up for the little guy, showing that at the end of the day, they just want to help people improve their quality of life, while only asking to fuck their faces three times per week.

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