Michael Pasvar, winner of the Next Big Thing Contest has created a safe-place helmet for millennials to wear at work to help them with their transfer from college life to real life.

Pasvar explained, “The shock that comes from being coddled to having a real job can be paralyzing for most millennials so I have created a helmet they can wear that transfers what their bosses and co-workers are telling them and makes it so they can understand their environment better. An example would be if their boss angrily asks for the monthly report that is late what the millennial will hear is something like hey when you get a chance I know you’re probably stressing about vaca and what not but yeah whenever that report can wait ok my bad I shouldn’t have bothered you.”

It is still unclear as to whether or not this will stop the tears from streaming from their pathetic little eyes.

Written by Dave Jessup

Stand up comedian, improviser and creepy doll maker.

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