Republican Vampire’s and Liberal Succubi are destroying the world! The Illuminati needs to watch out because it seems to be growing even more evident that new political monsters, like the Illuminati, are emerging to take over our world.

Several sightings of Republicans sucking on the necks of gays at conversion camps, minorities at welfare offices, and just women in general, have been posted on the internet and it has been theorized that this may be the source of their power.

On the other hand, Liberals have been spotted sucking the souls of everyday people. These Succubi have been seen on social media in large groups attacking anyone that can write words or ideas. They can also be seen on the street protesting from things that actually do matter to the more frequent one of “Life isn’t fair!” They’ve been known to force individuals into submission for saying buzzwords and thoughts by ganging up and attacking them in a pack formation. It appears that their source of power comes from more of a metaphysical world than a physical power source.

Some conspiracy groups are coming out and saying that the Vampires and Succubi are actually in cahoots with one another and are just out for themselves really using a one-two punch combination, with one attacking low and the other attacking high.

One conspiracist under the name FakeMoonNews69 says “They have a behind the scenes deal, that whoever is in power the other group must kick up the dirt as much as possible to then allow whoever is in power to go right along and do what they do, which is either drink the blood of the different or suck the souls of the very dumb and the intelligent.” These conspiracists have explained that the only hope for humanity is a small group of beings that have a centrist ideology, but they are very rarely seen. These few come out at night and eat goats and livestock, which most human beings also do themselves, but in a more proper fashion. Mythology has called them previously Chupacabra Centrist and, as stated before, they are humanity’s LAST HOPE…Also no vegans allowed.

Written by ChivesMary

I <3 chives & chives <3 me...

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