Skyler Johnston head of the P.C. Police a.k.a. millennials with liberal arts degrees, has just released his list of films the general population is no longer allowed to enjoy saying “My hopes are to have these films banned or at least only shown in classes discussing the horrors of our past. But unfortunately, due to our lack to socialist leadership in this country, I know that even if banned, people will still have secret viewings in old speakeasy type venues and I know I will never be able to abolish them completely. But we can at least make an effort to shame people into not enjoying them.”  Here is his list with a reason why they are on it.

Blazing Saddles – Use of the N-word and makes fun of racists.

Tropic Thunder – Black Face, makes fun of the mentally handicapped, overweight heroine addicts, Vietnam Vets and movie execs who drink too much diet coke that have chubby, sausage-like fingers.

Big Trouble in Little China – Makes fun of kick-ass martial arts movies and feathered haircuts.

There’s Something about Mary – Makes fun of the mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, interracial marriage, sun tanning and promotes the objectification of the perfect woman who loves sports and the movie Harold and Maude.

The Godfather – Italian stereotypes, spousal abuse and cruelty to animals especially horse heads.

Any movie starring Kevin James – He’s just awful. Seriously have you seen Paul Blart Mall Cop or Zookeeper? Well, I have and some things you can’t un-see.

Written by Dave Jessup

Stand up comedian, improviser and creepy doll maker.

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