Hey, you!
Look at this picture of me with my dumbass husband and our ugly fucking dogs, who I love. In no way, shape, or form do I think about killing myself daily because of how stupid I was to get tricked into marriage at 18 by the 43-year-old manager of the Dollar General.
All the drugs and alcohol I consume has nothing to do with my relationship, and I never cry myself to sleep over how badly we failed.
I just wanted to take the time out on the Valentines Day to post about how much I love I have for him and how not shitty our relationship is! There is nothing more comforting than living paycheck to paycheck on his $15 an hour.
This year I should give him an extra special surprise to show him how much I care. Maybe I will do something simple, like cheat on him with his best friend, lie about it, then have him lick the cum out of my pussy because I couldn’t think of an excuse to stop him fast enough.
I hope your Valentine’s Day is as romantic as ours,
P.S. We’re Pregnant!


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