Over a year has passed since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and you can still feel the shockwaves rumbling across the “land of the free.”

Most recently, 26-year-old virgin Mickey Pugnuts expressed his frustrations online in a heated status about his vote for President Trump.

“Katie Gardner you fat piece of shit I hate you. I voted for Trump because of you and now you don’t even speak to me?? WTF!” The frustrated Pugnuts vented on Facebook. “I hope you get a stroke and get dropped by your health insurance. Then your dumbass can dribble all over your medical bills. I hope Kylie makeup looks good lopsided, you hoe. Fall of a horse. #FDT”

When Jalen Lambsy asked, “Who hurt you?”

All Mickey could reply was, “Pussy.”


Mickey Pugnut’s is a reminder to us all to vote with our brains and our hearts, but never our genitalia.

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