There once was a Mormon couple named Leric and Topi that lived in the land of Utah.


They streamed Pokémon 24/7 for 30 days resting only for pizza and chicken nuggets.

As their stream grew, so did their bank accounts.

Taking money from thousands of little weebs daily.


One day, they traveled the land to California to join the masses at Twitch Con.

Where they met their fans and streamers alike.

One night, the young lovers become argumentative about their behavior from Utah.

And Topi told Leric to grow a pair and that she would do as she pleased.

Overtaken by anger, she had an affair,

With Multiple Male streamers that were friends with her husband.

Ending the 19-year-old couple’s marriage and stream.

Now, sad, lonely old Leric streams to a mere 20-50 viewers occasionally.

And has never shown his face on twitch again.

The End

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