On March 28th, after what was likely to be a red wine and Xanax fueled tweet, Laura Ingraham, a total grown-up who never acts like a child, targeted actual child, school shooting survivor and still very possible FBI plant, David Hogg.

“David Hogg is the plantiest plant I’ve ever seen in my entire life. We all know you didn’t get rejected from any colleges, David. Go back to work at the FBI.” – @LauraIngraham

To which the not-plant responded,

“Fuck you, you crusty old bitch, I’ll have you investigated. #BoycottLauraIngraham.” -@DavidHogg

Since calling for a boycott over ten sponsors of the Fox News host’s show have pulled their advertising. Forcing Laura to apologetically backpedal on Twitter.

“In the spirit of the Holy Week, I forgive David Hogg for being such a scrawny little fuck, because I, like, love Jesus or some shit.” – @LauraIngraham

But, the apology wasn’t well received by Hogg and his personal army.

“You and your apology can hit the fucking bricks, lady.” – @DavidHogg

Since then, many close to the Ingraham have expressed concerns that her $70 million net worth has dismissed to just 60 million dollars and that she is unable to properly feed herself, potentially starving to death!

Fox News let it be known that they will continue to support Ingraham a spokesman for the network said, “You know how we love our racist blonde white women. We’re riding this one till the wheels fall off.”

In the meantime, Laura Ingraham is on an extended vacation, it is still unknown on whether or not she plans to kill herself.




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