White Woman SHOCKED that Black Man Who Cheated on his Black Girlfriend is Now Cheating on Her

A woman was recently devastated to find that the man she had so diligently stolen from another woman had been photographed in a hotel with yet another woman.

“How could he do this to me? I did everything for him! I partied with him, I fucked his brains out, I got him so distracted, he forgot about his last girlfriend!”

The woman is still recovering from the shock of the infidelity: “I know that he was using me to climb the social ladder and build his profile. But, I’m the pinnacle of the social ladder… where can he go from here?”

When asked for comment, the man shrugged. “I am a wealthy, successful, handsome black man. I beat so many odds to make it to this point. I want the life I’m entitled to, and if that involves unprotected sex with multiple women, then so be it.”

He continued, “I’ll settle down when my knees break down.”

When asked for comment, the previously jilted girlfriend smiled serenely. “Bless her heart. Bless his heart.”

She paused, took a sip of her tea, and continued. “There’s no need to be petty. The world will do it for me.”

This story has gained a large amount of attention from the surrounding community. A neighbor had this to say, “I’m watching this scandal very closely. It’s so trashy… It’s the perfect distraction from the Syrian War and Global Warming and the fact that I’m single and life is inevitably pointless.”

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