Confusing Male Phrases: Part 2

Last time, we discussed why the blowjob-loving male gender throws around “sucks dick” towards what they find unfavorable. This week, we take a look at the obsession of the word “rape” and phrases like “get raped,” “get fucking raped,” and “get fucking raped, you faggot.” So, buckle up.


The phrase is most often used in video game culture to describe the state of being completely and utterly dominated by your opponent or getting “raped.”


“Ah man, that sniper fucking raped me.”


“Yo, we are fucking raping these guys right now.”


“Boom. Headshot. Like my stepdad always told me, get fucking raped, faggot.” *Cries*


And the list goes on, typically varying in degrees of creativity and vulgarity.
Typically, the word is thrown around by people who have no idea what it’s like to put their penis in the general vicinity of a vagina (mostly middle-schoolers and incels) and can’t even begin to comprehend the horrific actions that they are normalizing. And although originating from Xbox Live, this terminology spills over into their real lives, deterring any females who may have been interested in them sexually, furthering their frustrations.

These socially-retarded virgins then cry online in a group setting like Reddit or 4chan about their shortcomings with the opposite sex, often blaming women who have no desire to fuck them and better-looking men for their misfortune. Instead of just blaming their ugly, autistic parents that fucked and made them.





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