DJ Khalid was recent guest on the radio talk show The Breakfast Club where he spoke about never engaging in sexual intercourse.

“I’m straight as hell man, but I don’t mess with all that sex shit,” Khalid told hosts during his interview. “Females pussies be smelling like fish, the ass smells like ass. Why would I want any part in that?”

Questions then arose about how this repulsion played a role in the conception and birth of him and his wife Nicole’s son Asahd.

“We had her artificially inseminated,” the rapper would go on to describe a scene similar to one that would take place on a cattle ranch. “The doctor came over with my semen samples we had frozen. Once ready he put his arm (up to his elbow) in Nicole’s rectum. From there he used a long rod or some shit to inject the semen right into her uterus. There was a lot of shit on his arm; he handled it like a pro. That’s why he’s the doctor.”

The response left The Breakfast Club hosts in shock.

“Don’t get me wrong my bedroom game strong.”

Khalid explains to ease the tension between him and Nicole; he lets another Miami-based rapper “throw it down” in the bedroom.

“Ross will put his mouth on anything,” Khalid boasted. “His ability to put his face anywhere is incredible.”

The only complaint the Khalid’s had was his lack of endurance between the shits.

“Last week his fat ass lost his wood at least five times, then almost wheezed himself into a heart attack,” Khalid explained. “We’re really hoping Ace Hood ends up single so we can take him off the bench.”

Till then, they are holding a nationwide search for anyone who can lay the wood to his wife while being comfortable with Khalid watching through a one-way mirror from the comfort of a sterilized room. Anyone interested is encouraged to direct message the pair immediately.

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