In a shocking revelation of dark and twisted history, Historians have discovered that members of the Royal Family are actually a subspecies of insect/humanoid extraterrestrials that were banished to earth 1.7 billion years ago; surviving the last million plus years due to their roach-like resilience and ability to shift their shape as they see fit.

It was discovered that Queen Elizabeth II has been the sole monarch of England since 1066 when “William the Conquer” crawled out of “his” nest 30,000 feet below the Earth’s surface to become the first “King of All England.”

Since the initiation of her rule, the insectoid alien currently known as “Elizabeth” has given birth to every Royal Family member, their spouses, their children and so on. The Queen even gave birth to her current spouse, Prince Phillip, who will be sacrificed and eaten for his life force in the coming year.

Upon the death of her Elizabeth form, she will then transfer all her lifeforce into the next monarch where a piece of her already exists. From there she will continue to lay her eggs and oversee her slaves.

Sources indicate that members of British Parliament are working tirelessly to downplay and call conspiracy on anything that reveals damaging information about their Ruler. If discovered, her army of loyal servants will be forced to emerge from their below surface inhabitance and feast upon the flesh of the living, bringing upon a rebirth of new, blissfully unaware human slaves.

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