Earlier today, President Trump took aim at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again. The President reminisced on the Prime Minister’s time spent at the White House earlier in his presidency.

“Weak Justin Trudeau just doesn’t know when to stop his unfair treatment of me and the rest of the United States. His remarks are just another example of how truly unpowerful him and the government up there really are. WAKE UP JUSTIN! It’s America’s turn, and WE ARE WINNING, and we won’t let you burn down the White House TWICE,” President Trump wrote today on his Twitter account.

“I remember when Justin and his wife, Sophie came to visit it Melania and me at the White House. Such a sad person. Very meek demeanor. As soon as my beautiful daughter Ivanka walked into the room, you could see his TINY penis shrivel in his panties. It’s OK, Justin! Not everyone can satisfy my daughter as I (a real man) can,” he continued.

“Together with my new friend Mr. Kim, we will start to drain the global swamp of giant fucking pussies like Weak Justin. Any other traitors of peace and kindness should make themselves known so that we can do something about them too. YOUR TIME IS UP, JUSTIN! YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!”



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