A few Broward County Sheriffs Office officials have spoken out against President Trump’s idea to arm teachers following the Parkland High School massacre that happened just a few months ago. The previously silent officers wanted to make it clear that they do not believe the solution to school shootings is to arm teachers and faculty.

“It’s a terrible idea,” Officer Johnson of the BCSO told Savage America. “He’s putting a lot of faith in officers, and in the heat of the moment, when you’re fearing for your life, everything looks like a threat.”

The officer related his concerns to stories of police brutality and accidental or not so accidental deaths that have been dealt by officers around the country.

“I mean, if you go in there, and you know the shooter has already taken down a few individuals, you are looking to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible,” Johnson continued. “And if my boys and I go in there and we see some gun-slingin’ teacher firing off rounds down the hallway, we can’t make any promises that we won’t blow their fuckin’ brains out. And that’s a lawsuit nobody needs.”

The Broward County Sheriffs Office conducted a simulation drill last week to test officers on how they would handle an active shooter situation. During the simulation which featured more than 200 local volunteers, officers fatally shot 15 teachers and 37 students, wounding another 28 faculty members and 62 students. No word yet on the results of the simulation or what exactly the fuck happened.



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