Internet stalker and self-proclaimed “incel” Brody Clarks has concerned those in his community with a series of Facebook statuses lashing out at a female that he wished to be intimate with.

In his statuses, Clarks talks about “the rejection he has faced since the beginning of his existence” and about how “his nice guy ways have got him nothing but dicked around by fucking Chads.”

When asked about who hurt him exactly, Clarks had this to say:

“All I can say is that chivalry is fucking dead because these fucking bitches don’t know I nice guy if he found out their address and shipped them customized chocolates.” He continued, “I sent her a box of custom chocolates specifically molded like my butthole. I spent 30 minutes face down, ass up on my couch waiting for the plaster to dry and she can’t even say fucking thank you.”

The gift was posted on her Instagram story with the caption, “SOME FUCKING WEIRDO JUST SENT THESE TO MY HOUSE?! WTF???!!”

“With the chocolate, I sent a handwritten card with the most romantic things I could think of,” Clarks whined. “I asked her to be m’lady, and to quest the Earth with me until the end of time and also that I love getting my salad toss and that these were for practice.”

Reacting to her rejection, Clarks proposed his plan to “keep women in line.”

“All women should be forced to have sex with men that don’t have a mate to have sex with,” he demanded. “Women should be paired off to men where they should be forced to obey their husbands and give them sex whenever they want,” continuing the Sharia Law like rant. “If they disobey the should be executed immediately.”

In an overwhelming response to the tune of “go fuck yourself” women friends with Brody on Facebook listed why they wouldn’t have sex with him. Though one user made her stance explicitly clear.

“You stink, you hate women, praise Hitler, and text you physical actions like you’re an anime character *rolls eyes at moron*. But worst of all, you sit in the back of the class and slow moan while RUBBING YOUR CROTCH and you wonder WHY people don’t want to sleep with you??”

Since then, Clarks has activated and deactivated his Facebook profile multiple times in the last three days, threatening to starve himself, and passive-aggressively sending emails to girls in his university courses he feels have done wrong by him. Authorities are considering Baker Acting the young man, to study for personality research.





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