One Florida mother has recently been pursuing her goal of early retirement with an unconventional method.

“My kids are going to be some of the biggest stars in America,” explained Jessica Franklin, 25. “My kids are some of the prettiest, most talented children I ever encountered. They’re smart, they’re funny, and this has been a dream for them ever since they were born.”

Jessica, a former stripper turned room service attendant, has been shopping around her three and five-year-old kids to local talent agencies trying to make their dreams come true.

“The talent agency recruiters are so nice and friendly to my kids, they really get young talent,” Franklin explained. “They’re always hugging and kissing them, telling me how beautiful and talented they are. They even take them on day trips to the Zoo and Museums, so I can have some time to myself for a change. They’re so kind!”

She also explained that longtime Nickelodeon writer, director, and producer Dan Schneider has taken a particularly close interest in her children.

“I think we’re really going to land a job with Nick,” she said. “Dan is always interested in how they are and what they are doing. Always asking for new modeling photos of them that he can take home with him. He even invites the kids over to his house for sleepovers! I thought I was just in this for the money, but the free babysitting has been a huge plus!”

Though she says funding the children’s dreams can be a little challenging.

“If anyone out there has spare money they can donate our family, we could really use it,” Jessica mentioned. “If you click the link on my kids Instagram accounts you’ll be able to fund them as we travel around on this journey. God bless anyone who can help.”

In the meantime, she continues to hope that the kids will be paying her bills in the next three years or so she can finally break free of her “shithole” job and live the life she was “born to live.”

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