Last night, after attempting to eat 100 McNuggets in under one hour, Twitch streamer “MuMuLuvMe” fell ill on her live stream.

“She was playing Fortnite for a while, and then someone brought up doing the ‘100 nugget challenge’ where you basically stuff yourself full of chicken nuggets for an hour,” one viewer said. ” After about 50 nuggets she was looking a little pale, but the real issues didn’t start until she was about 75 nuggets in.”

After that, MuMu started complaining about stomach pain.

“She started talking about how much pain she was in and how much her stomach hurt, and how the plain mush in her mouth was hell on earth” another viewer stated. “It was then that she projectile vomited all over her keyboard, hit her head on the desk, and fell to her knees.”

Confused by the scene, viewers questioned the authenticity of the event.

“People were like, ‘that shit’s fake, this shit isn’t real,’ but as she was crawling away to the bathroom, still throwing up, she shit her pants and down her legs. Then she just dropped.”

Now laying face down in her own feces and bloody vomit, viewers were in shock.

“I think some people still were unsure of what just happened, and everyone just watched to see what would happen next.”

After 10 minutes, emergency services arrived, and she was rushed to the hospital.

“The whole time she was like, ‘ ugh, ughhh I’m fucking dying, yo,’ that’s how I knew it was real.”

Upon arrival, doctors were astounded.

“I’ve never seen someone ingest so many chicken beaks and butts, the odds of survival were so slim,” Dr. Jeff Goldbloom told Savage America. “We’re convinced that if she hadn’t died on the table, she would suffer horrible brain damage from the chemicals in the nuggets.”

MuMuLuvMe was pronounced dead at 11:53 pm.

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