Child Militia Dead After Police Stand Off

A father of 14 in El Paso, Texas has been arrested today and charged with child abuse and endangerment, 17 counts of murder, and arson after Child Protective Services was notified that the man, Joe Ibanez was arming and training his adopted children to be a part of his “doomsday” militia.

The former Iraq War veteran adopted 14 children from war-torn countries with the intention of forming a “well-regulated militia” that falls under the guidelines of the second amendment.

For 12 hours a day, the children would be home schooled where they would learn primary education along with lessons on firearms, first aid, explosives making, camping, and the hunting and preparing of animals, which included training for “human meat” as well according to documents found at the residence.

When El Paso Police arrived, they expected a fight from Ibanez, but what resulted was an eight-hour shootout between the police, Ibanez, and his child militia.

“We had 32 of our best officers and SWAT team members here at the home,” Police Chief Mike Michaelson told Savage America. “What happened today, losing 17 officers to 14 kids and a sick adult is a true tragedy.”

The eight-hour fight that took the lives of 17 officers involved an estimated 5,000 rounds of ammunition and 100 pounds of explosives.

“These kids were animals,” Michaelson continued. “Almost unstoppable. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to beat them until Ibanez went down in the final hour.”

With their leader wounded by two gunshot wounds to the shoulder and neck, the troops retreated from the roof to the interior of the home where they took Joe for shelter.

Once inside police where able to surround the building, which was when the children retreated without the wounded Ibanez to the basement.

Upon entering the home, Ibanez was found bloodied in the living room and taken into custody. When authorities reached the basement, they were confronted by a massive explosion.

“They just blew themselves up,” Ibanez said. “Down with the ship, just like their old man taught them.”

Ibanez will be charged will all the crimes committed by himself and the children, who incinerated at the scene.






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