One Missouri family was shocked during an intervention this week to find that their relative had been storing “thousands” of bottles of pee in his back room.

“We walked in there, and the room was just yellow,” said Marge Clunkinnuts told Savage America. “Just wall to wall pee bottles. Stacked against the walls and on the floor; the ones covering the windows just made the room even more yellow.”

The disturbing discovering explained a few things for Clunkinnuts family members.

“Tim’s house used to smell like stale piss all the time,” Tanner Clunkinnuts stated. “But, that double-wide has four cats and two dogs living in it, on top of Tim being such a fat piece of shit he probably pisses his pants a lot, we just thought that was the smell of all of it. Not that there was a piss shrine growing in the third bedroom.”

Initially, the intervention was for Tim Clunkinnuts’ heroin addiction, but that soon fell by the wayside.

“We thought we were coming here to help him get off H,” Marge said, “but he will survive while we get this fucking piss problem taken care off.”

When asked how this all came about, Tim had this to say:

“At first it just started with a few bottles,” Tim explained. “A few in the trash a few by my bed, but then it took over.”

The habit quickly consumed his life.

“Soon they were everywhere,” said Tim.”I couldn’t get away from them and then because of the heroin I was so lazy that instead of throwing them out I would hide them. But then this person would come over or that person, and I would have to move them again, and that is when I just started stacking them up in my back room.”

Strung out and lazy until the collection grew to fill an entire room, forcing the family to make a choice.

“There’s really only one thing we can do for him,” Tanner said. “We can’t just let him live like this.”

On Saturday, the Clunkinnuts family will have their middle child Tim excused by his cousin in the room he loved most.

“Just gotta blow his brains out in the piss bottle room and burn the whole double-wide down,” Tanner said. “We’ll be doing the whole state of Missouri a favor.”

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